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Since 2013 thousands of Leitner Electric Bikes have been sold with excellent customer feedback. Thanks to all our customers for recognizing the value of our ebikes and our service!

Leitner Electric Bikes' first priority is customer satisfaction. Not only do we offer one of the best electric bikes for value, but we also provide after sales customer support for every electric bike sold and will work with you until any issue is resolved. Electric Bikes from Leitner also come with a 1 year warranty so that you can shop online worry-free.

Please find below community pictures and reviews of Leitner Electric Bicycles

Dear Mr Leitner, please find attached a picture so that you can see how happy I am with your bike. It’s so great that I absolutely want to take it back to Germany after my stay.

Regards from Greta Elster***

Electric Folding Bike - Dual Suspension - Leitner SuperT
Within the first few rides on our new Leitner e-bikes, my wife and I knew we had found the perfect answer to our bicycling blues and old age handicap. More so, was the intuitive ease in using them considering we had never used an e-bike before. Another bonus point was the ease and speed of a replacing a part under warranty this week. We also picked the folding version to put in our car boot instead of messing around with a car or caravan carry racks. Can't wait for our next caravan club rally. Michael***

Folding E Bike - Leitner Libelle Joyride in the arboretum. Picture by Leitner Rider Lees****

Electric Folding Bike - Dual Suspension - Leitner SuperTClimbing the Snowy River trail on the SuperT. Picture by Leitner riderJim***E Bike Leitner Berlin
E Bike Leitner Berlin Cruiser

hey there. my bike arrived safely with no damage yesterday at about 4pm, at which time i set about the task of unwrapping one
of the best gifts i've ever received (from a great there was very little effort involved with assembling the parts that weren't already on the bike, and they all seated just nicely into the positions that they were meant to occupy, including the front wheel, with only minor preferential adjustments to the brakes
necessary. unfortunately, as the day was starting to darken when
i had completed the assembly, i didn't get a chance to test ride it, but i did have a chance to admire the craftsmanship. this is a really good bike, with quality parts and a great deal of thought towards the design and appearance. sooo, i suffered through 9 hours of work today with the knowledge that i would go for a nice long ride at about 2.30pm. the bike performed awesomely! the controls were so simple to use, and the power of the electric motor is
quite surprising. some very lazy pedaling had me cruising around
most places at the top speed and i even ascended quite a steep hill, making it to the top by pedaling while still seated. overall, i am extremely happy with my new Leitner ebike and would recommend them to anyone. my cousin already intends to get his own, after only a short test ride of mine.feel free to use this email as a testimonial/review/endorsement in any future publications about the straight bar bike.thank you very much Mr Leitner.Jase Daley ***

E Bike Leitner Berlin Cruiser
Hi, I received my new electric bike about 12 days ago and am thrilled with it. It is a quality product and it came very well
packed and was a dream to put together.. It took me about an hour. Would be quicker next time. Many of my friends are very impressed. I am quite tall so I was really happy that I could adjust the seat and handlebars to suit. Whilst I have all the tools that I needed the tools that came with the bike is a great added bonus. This is my first dealing with your company and I am really impressed with the service and help offered. Many thanks Geoff Mills


"Having done a ton of research on all brands of electric bikes we ended up speaking to Leitner Electric Bikes a number of times via phone and email, and the high level of service and knowledge along with the great specs of the bike were what made our mind up in purchasing a Leitner bike. The transaction was easy and seamless and the bike arrived on our doorstep 3 days later in perfect condition. The bike was exactly as described and essembly was easy with the supplied tools and instructions. We could not recommend Leitner bikes highly enough. Service, price & quality are exceptional. Thanks so much! The bike has opened up another wonderful outdoor experience for me. Thanks again."

Lyn B
Electric Bike Leitner Berlin - Russel
E Bike Leitner Berlin Cruiser
Great first ride on my new bike!! Amazing. So much power.
Great rides continue....and I'm never puffed out or tired of the journey! Russel Danby ***

E Bike Folding Leitner Libelle

Folding E Bike - Leitner Libelle Beautiful weather for a bike ride with friends at the resort!
***love my bike

I purchased my libelle folding e-bike from Leitner. The customer relations was excellent - thank you Jennifer and Tim .Having lung disease I get breathless upon exertion and I thought my bike riding days were over. not so with this ebike. It is sturdy,reliable and easy to ride due to pedal assist - it is also really good to look at !!!! I love my bike and the fun it gives me - thank you Leitner.

Purchased in February 2019.


Fits our needs

Received bike 1week ago and it was together and on the road in under 1hr
My wife has a bad hip and I have 1 knee, bone on bone so the bike is excellent for getting us both exercising and when we get the next one we will be ready for trips in the car and exploring on the bikes
Thanks Leitner for a great quality package
Regards Graham

Date PurchasedDec 2018


Very pleased with the bike, delivery was prompt.

All good so far, not had a chance to ride much but intending to get going over the holidays.
When the bike arrived it was missing the small caps that go on the tyres(pressure) when pumped up.
Otherwise, fairly easy assemble and looks to be of good quality. Thanks Leitner.

Date PurchasedDec 2018


Love this solution for my commute

Ride the 5 Km each way a day to work, charge at my desk, get there faster than with car, no parking costs and save on petrol and wear and tear in the car (as a bonus I lost a few kg along the way and arrive fresh, stretched and not sweaty at all!). The Leitner was chosen after a thorough look at the market and has lived up to my expectations of an affordable reliable solution that could be folded into wife's car when it rains and I need a lift.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

 Great bike!

I tried other brands of folding bikes and found them awkward to ride. The libelle is fantastic.
Excellent quality and easy to assemble
Have since bought a Tirol folding bike for my husband as well
Going to use them for caravan trips
Great customer service and advice on phone!
Well worth the money

Date PurchasedJun 2018


A sheer delight and companion

I have "test-driven" my Leitner bike now over many months and hundreds of kilometres. It is the small step-thru Libelle in deference to a hip replacement ....easy onto and easy for feet onto ground at stops. It is a delight to ride and a close examination reveals the build quality to be tops. And thanks for excellent Leitner support and back-up (no waiting for expensive parts from over-seas!)............a new spoke was dispatched to me , gratis, five minutes after I ordered it!
Over-all a very happy and money-for-value experience for my first big online experience !!!

Date PurchasedMay 2016


 All expectations met

I spent over 12 months researching whether I should purchase an eBike and if so, from whom. I had quite a list of questions relative to my personal needs and wanted to try them all. I finally settled on a Leitner Libelle foldable bike and have really enjoyed it over since receiving it a couple of weeks ago.
So far it has proved to be exactly as quoted in descriptions, discussions with Ephraem from Leitner, and a local owner I spoke with. What else can I say but, again, after 2+ weeks I am entirely happy.

Date PurchasedSep 2017


took it to byron bay, im 60 bad ticker but we made it up to the top of the lighthouse, some parts o

Bike and I got up to the lighthouse in byron bay after midnight, full moon and no one else except wallabies, that road has 30 degree slopes and im 60 with a bad ticker. thanks for that memory lietner. The bike gave me the ability to go places I dont think I would have liked to tackle when I was a young tacker. Plus, im always having to go to the doctors and pay $20 parking, now I park a few k's away, unfold the bike and ride right up to the hospital front door, yay!

Date PurchasedJan 2016


What a great company and product

I ordered the bike on Monday and got it on Wednesday at 2PM. BY 2:40PM I was out riding it! So easy to assemble. I live in a very hilly area with some hills impossible even when I was fit (which I am not now). I just set it on "2" and rode up a very steep hill easily! I love the assist, that comes in so predictably, stops as soon as you stop peddling and has the option for no assist. On "1" I still got a work out, which is what I wanted. The front suspension is very good and the finish of the bike is excellent. I went for the 80km battery so I think I will be working towards some long rides in the future!
Thanks so much for a well engineered bike and a great service!

Date PurchasedMay 2017


Best bike ever

Arrive quickly and no damage took my husband about 1hour to put together but he was being extra careful. Charged the battery and off I went didn't want to come home it was so nice to ride will be great to take in the motor home , as we don't tow a car the bike will come in handy to get around and go shopping and site seeing

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


Now proud owners of 2 Libelles

We purchased our first Leitner Libelle quite a few months ago after spending a lot of time looking into different types of folding E-Bikes. We travel a lot and needed a second method of getting around when the motorhome is parked up with the annexe out. The Libelle was just what we needed and we have been so impressed with it that we have now bought Libelle number 2. Excellent quality, easy assembly and great to ride. We really couldn't be happier with these bikes.

Date PurchasedDec 2016



I received the Libelle on Friday. It came across the Nulubor on a truck.

The packaging of the bike was 1st class, everything was padded and taped in a strong cardboard box.
Putting the bike together was easy.
The finishing on the bike was top notch, believe me, I looked.
Saturday I went for a ride around the block. Loved it!
So far 5 stars and 2 thumbs up.

Date PurchasedDec 2016


These bikes get my wife and myself exercising again

Fast delivery, easy to put together and we are off riding together....thank you. We hope to get a little fitter than we are. Bikes look great, easy to operate, We like the folding pedals, extra generous seat and how quick charging is after extended use. We would recommend these bikes to friends and family.

Date PurchasedOct 2016


fantastic amazing product

our son can't believe how wonderful his new leitner bike is. he had a partial leg amputation 2 years ago and because his prosthesis has no joint rotation, cannot pedal a push bike.he has had to resort to long painful walks to public transport. he received his bike late last week. put it together easily,charged it and is now enjoying being outdoors and mobile again.he loves how streamlined it looks, the ease of operation, all the extras that came with it.we cannot thank you enough for this bike and what it has done for his morale,extra special thanks to sam also for his friendly expert help over the phone.we cannot be happier. janice and denis hayes

Date PurchasedSep 2016

 EEEEasy Rider

Out and about again

Like many folk I got a bit older and having fell off my conventional bike one too many times I gave cycling away BUT MISSED IT! When I saw the price of Leitner e-bikes I thought Maybe? And I did. I wouldn't say I have a new lease on life but its got a lot better to be out on the road with the wind in my face again. The finish and quality is excellent and already I have had people stop me to talk about it - the bike not my new lease on life. Looking forward to many miles of E-asier bike riding days.

Having a wonderful time!

I just love my new Venice Cruiser as it allows me to really enjoy the ride. I live on top of a hill and now I just press + to three bars and up I go. My husband is now ordering one so he can keep up with me on our rides. We are recently retired and our electric bikes are part of our new lifestyle.
The Venice Cruiser bike is so much fun. I am really glad I made the decision to buy one.

Purchased in January


Excellent bike, great price and just a joy to you ride in strong head winds

I just wanted to say how delighted I am with my new Leitner ebike.

The setup was easy enough and it rides magnificently.

The bike was ready to ride in about ½ and hour. The tyres were pumped up already and the battery was fully charged.

I am delighted with this new ebike.

The build quality exceeded expectations and riding it is just a joy.

I would recommend this to anyone wanting a new ebike.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Michael Miller

what a bike

So well engineered and designed, great for my wife who has artificial knee
Can really recommend it
Easy to assemble with clear instructions and securely packaged for delivery
I liked the fact it had front and back lights as well as a carrier
It is also quite light for an e bike
Really good value

Date PurchasedSep 2018


Ten thumbs up!

Wow. I had no idea how much I’d like this bike. I ordered the Venice Cruiser on a Sunday and was riding it around my northern NSW town on Wednesday. Easy to assemble, excellent instructions, amazing fit and finish, quality parts, great paint job. Still no rattles or squeaks after several hundred kilometres over country roads and bumpy tracks, including a spectacular encounter with a poorly marked speed bump. Random strangers remark on what a nice bike it is and are genuinely surprised when they notice that it also has a motor. Leitner have been fantastic

Date PurchasedJul 2018


The Best Birthday Present to Me from Myself!

After falling in love with electric bikes in NZ, I knew I had to have one and after shopping around locally I searched the Internet to compare value for money and I couldn’t go past the Leitner. Putting it together was easy enough for someone as inexperienced as me and my first ride was exhilarating. I absolutely love my red Venice Cruiser and with a basket on the back I went with a friend on a 26 km ride this week and enjoyed a BBQ by the beach. Go on treat yourself, you will never regret it.

Date PurchasedJun 2018


Thrilled with new addition to the Family!!

I have recently purchased a Leitner Venice cruiser, after a recommendation from my Physiotherapist, that I take up cycling to help with the recovery of my hip replacement. Reasonably easy to assemble, but a delight to use - once you get the hang of the combination of power and gears. A pleasure against the wind, up the hills, and a great feeling of the wind in your face. I thought that my wife my like to try it - she now wants to take mine over, so I have purchased a similar one for me. She likes the red colour - she says it goes faster (think Ferrari). Highly recommended.
Customer service was very efficient, delivery was on time - no complaints at all. Thank you Leitner.

Date PurchasedMar 2018


No short car trips

I am really enjoying the bike. I was worried it might have gone the way of my ab-roller or rowing machine but I am confident it will remain in use for a long time. I no longer fire up the car to go down to the shops to pick up some milk. I am riding it everywhere locally and enjoying doing so. I have discovered a lot of bike paths near me which run alongside the railway lines and avoid all the traffic stops. It was easy to put together and it seems very good quality.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

 Transplanted Ozzie

I like these ebikes!

My wife and I travelled to Noosa and rode rented ebikes there for the first time. The fun was enough to hook us both. Since then we've bought two Leitner ebikes and delight in riding them. If you're retired and want to stay active, ebikes are the way to go. You'll ride more often. You'll go further. And you'll have fun doing it. We love to ride to a pizza place and strap a pizza to a luggage rack, then find a vacant picnic table beside the Yarra River. I could tell about more rides, but that would fill up the page. Just get one. Don't wait.

Date PurchasedApr 2016


This is Perfect. I could not do without it

Brilliant bike. It does what it says on the tin. It has never let me down apart from a flat tyre but that is to be expected from any bike. Extremely easy to ride and take the hills like a dream. I could not do without it. It has the best of both worlds, exercise when you want to or let the bike do the work. It's great.

Date PurchasedMar 2016


I should have bought this a lot sooner

Very satisfied with the bike. Build quality is excellent,a very sturdy bike. It is a pleasure to ride and now allows me to venture further afield without getting tired. The whole process from ordering to delivery was simple and trouble free. I contacted Leitner on another matter and they were quick to respond with an answer

Date PurchasedJan 2018


Five stars all round

published last year

Leitner understand good customer service and make an excellent product!
A quick phone call to check on a detail and my bike was dispatched within 24hrs. The online assembly manual is the best I have seen anywhere for anything, kudos! I was able to assemble the bike unassisted with one hand in plaster with the tools provided.
The bike is solid and a pleasure to ride. Maintenance instructions are clear and and simple, no special tools or skills required. A follow up email question was answered promptly and courteously, customer service is taken seriously and greatly appreciated.

Date PurchasedDec 2017


Made me feel like a kid again.

From the day we put the bikes together I haven't been of it. I am 71 years old and a bit overweight the pedal assist is really great. The disk brakes are terrific. I am going places on the bike that I thought would be to hard at my age. The bikes have given our lives a whole new dimension. If your are getting old and think that there is not much to look forward to, think again. There's plenty of life left.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

vg Design

Excellent Product and Service.

What a wonderful experience! Very fast delivery of a quality product. The downloaded manual is excellent, very user-friendly and the customer service is first class. This was bought for our disabled son who had struggled with riding his normal bike uphill and he just loves how easy he now does it.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

 Karen O